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College Prep

Student applying for college

Our Approach

Choosing the right college can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why we’re committed to preparing students to discover and determine the best path for their future college success. Our unique College Admissions Advantage (CAA) incorporates discovery, evaluation, and exploration while encouraging students to take ownership over their lives and futures. 

Helping Students Determine the Best College for their Future Success

Grade 9 and 10 Students

Starting in the 9th grade all students will begin a form of college preparation that will help them determine their interests and strengths. Grade 9 and 10 students will regularly participate in college and career prep workshops, will receive ongoing counseling and support, and will be encouraged to participate in school clubs and activities. Advanced students will have access to ACT test preparation and on-campus college fairs.

Grade 11 Students

In grade 11, students will expand upon this existing framework as they prepare to take the ACT. They’ll refine their digital portfolios with an aim toward college acceptance and will be encouraged to pursue advanced courses through enrollment at local colleges. Students will be able to participate in an Explore America trip that will expose them to STEAM careers and opportunities in NYC and Boston, and can begin earning college credits through dual enrollment opportunities with local colleges.

Grade 12 Students

In grade 12, students will go through a series of workshops that will help them with the college application process. This will include obtaining letters of recommendation, completing their digital portfolios and capstone projects, and exploring financial aid opportunities. Students will be able to continue earning college credits via dual enrollment programs, and will be encouraged to visit prospective campuses and attend college fairs to determine the best school for them.

Opportunity Education’s Pathways Curriculum is designed to prepare students for life after high school. With lessons in three core areas, Interest and Career Exploration, Foundations of Professionalism, and Personal Finance, students investigate and experience a variety of career pathways, discover the components of communicating professionally so they can be successful in their careers, and practice managing personal finances so they can make informed decisions about their future.

The Pathways Curriculum can be implemented as a single course or series of courses, a stand-alone program, or as a supplement to existing college and career counseling services your school already offers.

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QFHS helped me get an internship as an audio engineer with a local recording studio. This internship helped me figure out the right path for college, and now I’ve been accepted to a music program at Berklee next fall.

QFHS didn’t have the math class I wanted to take, so they made it for me. When it came to choosing a career, I wanted something that combined my love of math and science. Bioengineering and biomechanics made that mesh work for me and it has been really fulfilling.

Libby - QFHS Omaha

College Admissions

The best measure of success for any school is whether it is providing students with an advantage in gaining admissions to competitive colleges and universities. Quest Forward High School graduates have outpaced that national average with their admissions success.

New York University

Northwestern University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Reed College

Stanford University

Swarthmore College

Tufts University

University of Pennsylvania

Augustana College

Brigham Young University

Creighton University

College of Wooster

California Polytechnic University

University of California, Davis

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of Denver

University of San Francisco

Westmont College

Dominican College Honors Program

Dordt College

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Oregon State University

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

University of Nebraska, Omaha

Dominican University of California

Wayne State University

Evergreen State College

California State University, Chico

California State University, Humboldt

California State University, Sonoma

University of Nebraska Kearney

Santa Rosa Junior College

Bellevue University

ESCP (Paris/Madrid)

Cynta-Aveda Cosmetology School