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Quest Forward High School FAQ’s

What does Quest Forward High School mean when they say they’re a college preparatory school?

We understand that choosing the right college can be difficult for students and their families. Our schools are focused on helping students develop the skills they’ll need to make the right college choices for their lives. 

Our unique College Admissions Advantage (CAA) incorporates discovery, evaluation, and exploration while encouraging students to take ownership over their lives and futures. This approach starts immediately in the 9th grade and continues throughout a student’s time at Quest Forward High School. 

By the end of their high school careers, our students will have studied for and completed the ACT, will have a portfolio of their digital skills to submit to colleges, will have gone through extensive college counseling, and will have participated in various service leadership projects. The CAA will empower students to make the best choices for their futures while preparing them to succeed once they arrive at college. 

What type of student is best suited for Quest Forward High School?

We’re looking for students who want a rigorous academic experience that will prepare them for success in college and beyond. Students who are excited to learn how to think, are interested in applying themselves creatively, are willing to engage the world around them, and are looking to push themselves and their peers will have a rewarding experience at Quest Forward. 

Does every student participate in the College Admissions Advantage (CAA)?

Yes, all students will participate in our College Admissions Advantage (CAA) program. The CAA has been developed to help students make the best decisions for their futures while teaching them the skills needed to succeed once they arrive at college. The program begins in the 9th grade and continues throughout a student’s high school career. 

Click here for more information about the specifics of our CAA program.

Will my student be required to participate in your digital creativity programs?

Yes. We believe that the future will be increasingly digital, and for that reason all Quest Forward students will be expected to master a wide variety of digital tools. Students will participate in regular workshops and mentorship opportunities that will empower them to tell their individual stories in unique and creative ways. As their knowledge expands, students will be encouraged to specialize in the digital skills that interest them most. Their work will ultimately be compiled into a digital portfolio that will be an integral component of their college and work applications.

Will my student be required to participate in your service leadership programs?

Yes. We believe that students who are active members of their community will be better prepared for success in college and beyond. For that reason, all students will participate in service leadership projects throughout their time at Quest Forward. 

Learning to work collaboratively with others is essential for success in life, and our service leadership projects will provide a community-oriented context in which students can develop such skills. These experiences will culminate in a Capstone Service project that will become an essential component of their college and work applications. 

Will my student come to campus every day?

While all classes will be held on campus, students in grades 11 and 12 who have demonstrated success will have opportunities for low residency study. Typically, such arrangements will be made to help students pursue internships or college courses that might require their presence during standard school hours. 

What sort of curriculum do you offer?

We use a variety of online tools and curricula to teach our students the skills they’ll need to succeed. Our students will learn from a mix of books and online resources, much like they will be exposed to in college. While all courses are taught by teachers in live, in-person classrooms, students will be expected to play an active role in their own learning. 

Our student is very advanced — can they graduate early from Quest Forward High School?

Yes. Throughout their time at Quest Forward, all students will have opportunities to accelerate their learning. Advanced students who demonstrate proficiency can skip courses they already know, can take college level courses through dual enrollment programs at a number of affiliated colleges, can take advanced place (AP) courses in various subjects, and can earn credit for directed readings mentored by Quest Forward Faculty. Advanced students who pursue these options will be able to graduate in three years, and/or earn college credits while still in high school.

Are your schools accredited?

Yes, both Quest Forward High Schools are fully accredited. Santa Rosa by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and Omaha by Cognia.

My student has some learning challenges — what sort of accommodations do you offer?

Quest Forward High Schools recognize that every student is unique, and we are happy to provide reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of all qualified students. However, as we are a college preparatory school with a demanding curriculum, not all students may be a good fit.

Please contact us to speak with an admissions counselor to determine if Quest Forward will be a good fit for your student. 

Is there anything special about the word “Quest” in your high school name?

Yes, there is. We consider learning to be very similar to a quest. Both involve a voyage into uncharted territory that requires exploration, investigation, and the pursuit of a subject beyond the bounds of our current knowledge. Most importantly, quests and learning permanently transform those who undertake them. Our quest-oriented approach will engage students in deep learning and prepare them in meaningful ways for the world ahead.

Where does Quest Forward High School get its funding?

Quest Forward High Schools are tuition-supported independent schools located in Omaha, NE, and Santa Rosa, CA. We are also fortunate to have the generous support of Opportunity Education Foundation. This nonprofit organization is based in Omaha, NE, and is committed to improving learning outcomes. Click here to learn more about Opportunity Education’s mission and approach. Many of our students receive scholarships and financial assistance from the Ricketts Family Scholarship program courtesy of the generosity of philanthropist Joe Ricketts.