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About Our Private High Schools

About Us

Quest Forward High Schools are college prep schools located in Omaha, Nebraska, and Santa Rosa, California. Our schools feature small class sizes, exceptional staff, diverse and inclusive student bodies, and the opportunity for advanced students to complete high school at an accelerated pace. We’re dedicated to providing our students with the skills and resources they’ll need to succeed in college, career, and life.

Omaha students

At Quest, I have learned valuable work ethic skills that currently help me and certainly will in the coming years. I appreciate all of my mentors because they skillfully implement life lessons with education.

Students working together

Supported by Opportunity Education

QFHS are supported by Opportunity Education, a nonprofit organization committed to improving student engagement through feedback and active learning. 

We support teachers with free lesson planning resources, interactive teaching tools, and professional development opportunities to engage students in active, meaningful learning. We also work at a systemic level with school districts and charter networks to improve learning outcomes. 

Visit the Opportunity Education website to learn more about our work and how we can help your students succeed.