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Digital Creativity and Technology Programs

Our Approach

We’re dedicated to helping students obtain the skills they’ll need to succeed in the digital world ahead. Students will be exposed to a wide range of opportunities and will be able to choose from specializations most suited to their individual interests, including Adobe Suite, Google Workspace, ChatGPT and other AI conceptualizations, coding languages, digital design and 3D printing, sound engineering and design, Toon Boom Harmony animation, and more. 

Students at a laptop

QFHS helped me get an internship as an audio engineer with a local recording studio. I learned how to mix samples, balance recordings and participated in recording a local band’s EP.

As they continue through their high school careers, students will be exposed to additional tools, including coding, digital design and 3D printing, sound design and engineering, digital marketing, and more. As their knowledge broadens, they’ll be able to specialize in the digital skills that interest them most. 

As students enter Grade 11 they may apply for special project time during the school day to pursue a substantive project under individual teacher direction.  This provides aspiring young creators the freedom to integrate their work into their academic program.

Students’ advances will be compiled into a digital portfolio that will be an integral component of their college and work applications.

Student Examples

Calliope Crane-Brown has completed the independent study for digital art.

Katherine completed the Pop Art: Choose Your Own Comic

Katherine, a student at QFHS Omaha, choose to do a master copy of of one Lichtenstein’s paintings.

In Introduction to Art, Paisley created this Kiss of Death statue in watercolor. Paisley attends QFHS in Omaha.

Aster, a QFHS Omaha student, created a rendering of a bee during Open Studio Art Club in color pencil.